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An initial deposit of $250 towards your puppy is required in order to be added to the waiting list. We will add your name to the list when the deposit has been received. An additional $250 is due when puppies are born and you pick your puppy out. In seven weeks when the puppies are ready to go, customers are required to pay their remaining balance before taking their puppy home.

We have had problems with customers in the past stating they intend to purchase a puppy but change their mind when the litter arrives. That is why we need the deposit before we add names to the list and reserve a puppy. The deposit will hold your spot for one year. If we cannot provide a puppy within the year, the deposit will be returned. If we offer a puppy, and a customer does not want the puppy, their deposit will be forfeited.

We are located in Northeast Wisconsin, just west of Green Bay. We have had English Bulldogs since 1988. It is the only breed we have ever had. The goal for Hedrick's English Bulldogs is to raise 3 to 4 litters of Healthy AKC Purebred English Bulldogs puppies per year. With Mike's background as a Paramedic, his father, a professor of Biochemistry, and his mom, head of the U.C Davis dairy goat research facility, it has been vital to our success in raising and breeding the dogs we love.

Mike grew up on a small farm in Northern California, raising everything from dogs and cats to pigs, goats and cows. Mike got his first English Bulldog puppy in 1988 and has been hooked on the breed ever-since. Jennifer was raised in northern Wisconsin and helped with their family's Dairy & potato farms. Jennifer met Mike in 2006, and were married in January 2007. She came to know about English Bulldogs through Mike and fell in love. We feel fortunate to raise this amazing breed. We are not a kennel, our dogs are part of our family, they live in the same area we do but getting a spot on the couch can be challenging. Please look through our web-site and enjoy what we feel is the best breed ever. We are going to try to keep the prices the same with a slight increase for the 2014 year. We will help in any way we can for this breed, from advice, to a rescue needed in the state. Thanks for looking at our website and enjoy the pictures too.

Please check back and visit
Hedrick's English Bulldogs of Wisconsin often for updates.

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Why you should buy a Puppy from Hedrick's English Bulldogs?
Because our name & reputation is on the line. We want you to have a happy English Bulldog experience. We are not just some web site and e-mail address. We are a family business. We invite you to come to our home and meet all of our dogs and see the house of Bulldogs. We encourage you to come and spend time with your puppy, from two weeks old until they are old enough to go home with you. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you have about the puppy. We love to stay in touch with the families of the puppies and if possible, have them come back and visit. It was how our Hedrick's English Bulldogs Facebook Alumni page came to be. We will never take a Deposit for a litter until 5 weeks of the pregnancy to make sure our Female is pregnant. Thanks for visiting our website & good luck with your English Bulldog search.
- Mike & Jennifer Hedrick

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