"Mike and his wife are great! We picked up a happy, healthy bulldog puppy about four months ago, and we absolutely love her. Mike is a very responsible breeder, who cares about the long-term health of the breed and clearly loves all his dogs. I wouldn't go anywhere else to get another dog."

- Sarah Manski

Mike is the absolute best bulldog breeder there is out there! He will do anything for the love of all of his puppies. He not only will give you a wonderful, happy and healthy little bundle of joy but will continue to help you and keep up good communication with you throughout the entire time. My little Winston got a cherry eye (very common in bulldogs) and Mike was the first person to call and help me figure out what was best and what to do. He is always there anytime day or night to help! My Winston is such a little ham and everyone loves him at first sight!

- Erika

"Mike - I'd really like to say how much my family and I appreciated how much time you spent with us and how much you educated us on Bulldogs. You made us feel very welcome and we're very comfortable in knowing we are going to get a great addition to our family from you. We are are all very excited. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!"

- Jeremy MIller

I really enjoyed the experience of purchasing a bulldog from Mike. Prior to the sale, Mike took the time to educate me on the breed, ensuring a good match. He even introduced us (via phone) to a previous customer in our area. We also visited our puppy, Newman, at around 2 weeks of age. Mike took the time to introduce mom and dad, and we enjoyed seeing where Newman was living and how he was being cared for. Mike even provided us with a book on the breed to read and help prepare us for our puppy's homecoming. When we picked up Newman, he was happy, healthy, and ready to come home. After bringing him home, Mike made himself available to discuss "transition" issues as Newman settled in and acclimated to his new home. Overall...a very positive experience...

- Amy, Alex, Presley and Newman

"Our dog Bailie is going to be 2 at the end of May. We love her so much and she is so smart. We are thinking about getting a second. I can't imagine our life without her. She always brightens our day! Thank you, Mike for blessing our family with her!" - Kristi

We had a wonderful experience with the Hedricks very knowledgeable of the breed we have the greatest puppy we love so much would defiantly buy another puppy from the Hedricks.

- Michelle Stasney

We have gotten two Bullies from The Hedrick's in 2010. We knew what to look for in an English Bulldog. We had two previous Bullies that have passed on. Mike has bred the best of the best! .great eyes, color, coats ,legs, and superior temperament. If you ever need any info,Mike is always there for You. He's like having your own Bulldog Guru, he knows the bred! We couldn't have ask for such a helpful, informative, Breeder. When you get a Hedrick English Bulldog Puppy, you're getting the best of the Best, and that's very rare in a breeder. His door is always open to you before & after the Sale.

Barb & Mitch Keller.

My family's experience with Hedrick English Bulldogs has been wonderful! It all started about a year and a half ago, my husband always wanted one a child so after much convincing we decided to get one. We did a lot of research on the net, but a lot of the breeders that we found did not seem confident in what there website had stated. Also some we could not get a hold of. We found Hedrick English Bulldogs and after many conversations with Mike, we decided that was who we would get a puppy from,x and picked our first puppy named Sarge. After that it was non stop. We now have 3, 1 male named Sarge a female Athena and our youngest Daisy. They are great dogs, they have very good temperaments and get along very well with kids. We treat our bullies like they are are kids, because they kinda act the same.

Mike has been great, we can call him anytime for any question and he always has an answer. Mike is very knowledgeable when it comes to anything to do with the bullies. We can call him up and tell him whats going on and he will tell us if its normal or not. Also its fun to take the dogs up to his house so that he can see them and they can play and have a bullie reunion. The experience that we've had has been great I always tell people that they are the best dog I have ever had, and tell people they should get one. I know if I get anymore I will be getting them from Hedrick English Bulldogs.

- Kari and David Evans

I've always wanted an English Bulldog. When my husband said he was going to get one for me for my birthday. I was so excited. I researched for a local breeder. Hedrick's seemed the best choice. We set up an appointment as soon as possible. I wanted to meet the breeder before I commited, after all, they are a bit of an "investment." But worth every dime!

Meeting the Hedrick family was great. They made you feel like family. They invited us in a few days after their youngest daughter was born. I was completely satisfied. This was the breeder I was going to work with. I was able to choose one right away. It was very difficult. I wanted to take them all. I was able to meet both parents, I would have taken them too! You could see these bullies were all loved. And that they were family also. The Hedrick's allowed my family to come and visit when ever we wanted. During those visits, they gave us plenty of information. Everything from food, treats, toys and the carefree attitude that bullies can have. I was told to call when ever I needed. Which I found to be useful after we brought Shorty home. I, have now fallen in love with this breed completely.

The Hedrick's have been great. They have showed me the love they have for the breed. I will definitely be seeing them again. They treat all their bullies as family. New and old. Yes, they are breeders but I never had the feeling they didn't love what they are doing. Marcia Walker

~Shorty von Wrinkles "mom"

Mike and his family have made my first ever experience with purchasing a dog a memorable one. Mike is everything you could ask for in not only a bulldog breeder, but a friend as well. His love for the English Bulldog breed and the well-being of the dogs he delivers is shown well after you bring your pup home. I have had Ty Cobb for just over 2 years now, and still speak to Mike as often as possible. He is an honest, trust-worthy, responsible breeder and is always available for advice, recommendations, and answering any questions that you may have. He LOVES to see current pictures of his dogs as they grow up, and cares about each and every bulldog he breeds as if it were his own. When I first purchased Ty, I had an unfortunate event take place in my life where I lost my job and gave serious thought about returning Ty and getting my money back because I knew I would need it. (This was one of the hardest decisions of my life). Mike was willing to take Ty back and refund my money if I chose to do so. Bulldogs are clearly expensive, but that shows you not only the type of guy Mike is, but also that he is not in the breeding business for the money. He loves this breed and wants nothing more than to see these dogs bring happiness and joy to others lives, as they have for him.

Fortunately for me, I chose to keep Ty because after meeting him, I just couldn't give him back. Ty is my "big buddy" and as I mentioned, Mike has gone above and beyond my expectations as a breeder to make sure that I was not just satisfied, but that I was exceptionally pleased. The day that I call Mike to bring home a little brother for Ty is not far away, and I wouldn't ever think about calling anyone else. Thanks again Mike, you are the MAN!

- Nick & Ty Cobb

I had made the decision to get another dog after hanging out with a co-workers english bulldog named Stella. She cracked me up with her bulldog traits and after a couple years I decided to bit the bullet and make headway on getting my 2nd edition.

My friend from Nebraska has a female english bulldog and she was going to bred her female. She was offering me a deal on the relatively known expensive breed so I was ecstatic to get first pick on her puppies and to be catching a deal from a friend I met during college. I had wanted a female that was either fawn (light brown) or red with a white stripe down the middle of her head. Low and behold she had only one female with the exact markings that I wanted. A couple days later I was informed that the Mom had suffocate my female puppy that I had named Lexi Rae. I knew I wanted a female and I wanted her to have a first and middle name.

Prior to making my decision to getting a female through my friend I had searched through google for breeders of english bulldog in WI and came across Hedrick English Bulldogs. I was blown away by the website they created and began showing family and friends all the different males and femaled they had at their house. I thought the pictures were cute and painted a great picture of how they ran their business. After hearing the bad news I resorted back to the computer and contacted Mike within an hour of getting my notification. I made a decision within an a week and got on the list for Betsy and Goliath. Betsy had stolen my heart with her beady eyes and longing stare into the pictures and well Goliath creates quite a following just based on his sheer size! I was told she would be going into heat within the next couple weeks. I was nervous I wouldn't make it onto her list immediately but was pleased to learn I would have 2nd pick female! Bellatrix Lestrange was born on July 9th, 2010 which coincidentally was my Mom's 60th Birthday. I believe everything happens for a reason and was excited to learn she was born on a monumental birthday like my Mom's. I had gone up just 2 days after she was born with my cousin and her then 4 year old daughter. We stayed at the house for about 2 hours and Hayli still remembers how Bellatrix fit into her hand and she also had peed on her hand. She was able to play with the dogs and then play at the day care at the Hedrick househould. My cousin Michelle had a fondness for Buddy who jumped onto her shoulders, snorted, licked and was pleased to haver her pet him. Bellatrix was named after the character from Harry Potter and she gets often recognized by her unique name!

Bellatrix had to adapt to my 4 year old pug and after a rough two weeks they began to enjoy each other's company. She's now 9 months old and she had plans to attend canine good citizen class as well as Therapy dog training.

Mike had answered all my calls and email quickly and provided a lot of information about the dogs and their business. They welcome all bulldog lovers with open arms. Bellatrix makes me laugh everyday with her grunting, snoring, growling, and because she's a clutz and runs into everything. I have and will continue to reccoment them to friends/family.

- Kate